There comes a time, especially in older partnerships, when lifestyles, eating habits, and sleeping patterns are, well, different. Each person has evolved more into their own identity, preferences, and patterns. Each one probably has different social and support groups. But the love and respect are still there. Help improve your posture while working from home with a stand up desk in your study.

One prominent and wealthy man was asked how he and his wife were still in a loving marriage of over 50 years. He said, “My wife and I are happily incompatible.” How wonderful to acknowledge and accept that couples can be happy and grateful for their incompatibility instead of angry and blaming for their unique differences. To be happily incompatible about the things that set us apart and make us different. Accepting the issues we disagree on rather than blaming for failed expectations. Being thankful for each other. So why not be neighbors instead of housemates? You can be still close and supportive but far enough away to have your own life. You can be happily incompatible. Working at a electric standing desk may offer health benefits, however, studies suggest that doing so probably will not help you burn a lot of extra calories.

One of America’s most respected actors, Katherine Hepburn, said it well: “Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then.” In other words, live close by and visit often. As a parent there may be times you simply need another bedroom or space of your own without the noise, clutter, and confusion of enthusiastic children. A sit stand desk is a desk conceived for writing, reading or drawing while standing up or while sitting on a high stool.

If you want your kids (and their friends) close but not in your face, check out tiny homes. There are some parents who have their children with them only infrequently, maybe due to custody arrangements. A tiny home can be a very viable option for parents who have their children only part-time and therefore do not need a large space to maintain year round. A standing desk helps to improve office wellness and productivity.

Need more help with the kids? Is all that youthful energy too much to handle? How about a tiny home for a nanny to help with the little ones? Just put a tiny home in the backyard and make housing part of the nanny’s pay plan and benefit package. One of our clients wanted her son in his own home yet close to her. We constructed a 500-square-foot tiny home in her backyard, without her having to buy an additional in-town lot. Everyone (and the dog) loves the living arrangement. Keep active at work or your home office with a adjustable standing desk that will help you to change working positions often.