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We continued to work with these schools for a number of years. The teachers began to appreciate the respect from their new superintendent, who provided them with professional development and helped them get a new contract, something that they hadn’t had for years. Many of the teachers became more excited about engagement with the work to improve respect in their schools. We also established a cohort of teachers from the schools to work together to earn a master’s degree that was paid for by the district. These graduate students conducted action research in their classrooms and implemented new teaching techniques while they collected data on their effectiveness. In the end, the district even got a new, state-of-the-art middle school approved and built after more than a decade of failed votes in the community. How do you think they keep the Nursery Management Software ticking all the boxes?

In one year, toward the end of this superintendent’s tenure, 85 percent of students from the high school went on to higher education, a level unheard of before in this district. During our research in this district, one student told us what she would do to make her school work better for all students: “Tell all the good teachers to stop leaving after a year or two to go to the richer towns.” This girl felt abandoned by the system and by her teachers who chose to move on to wealthier school systems. As a result of this superintendent’s leadership, a large group of caring teachers, principals, and the community stepped up to support these schools. Many good teachers chose to stay, and many of the students and families who had left the school previously decided to come back. The girl’s wish was fulfilled. How about purchasing Childcare Management System to manage your pre-school setting?

This superintendent has said repeatedly that his success in turning around this struggling district began the day he announced his goal as a leader: “We may not end up being the top academic school system in the state, but we will be the kindest, most supportive, most caring and respectful district anywhere, and that will make us all more successful.” triving to eliminate disrespectful behaviors is certainly a worthwhile goal for any school, but stopping disrespect is not enough. Reducing bullying and stopping fights, threats, and violence is important. But these goals of “cracking down on disrespectful student behavior” and “changing” students will not in and of themselves create a truly respectful school climate. Do your research before purchasing Preschool Software - it can make all the difference!

To build a climate of respect, engagement, inspired teaching, and student empowerment, we also must encourage changes in what adults do every day in the classroom and the hallways. When we recognize the need to become respectful teachers, and learn how to more effectively support each of our students so that he or she becomes an engaged learner, we will be on our way toward building more respectful, effective schools. Since this initial work, we have used the Respect Continuum as a guidepost for school improvement throughout the country. While we are frequently called in to help address discipline, bullying, or school safety issues, the Safe Measures process quickly shows teachers and school leaders the need to focus more attention on building respect, rather than simply fighting to stamp out discipline problems or disrespect. This seems like a simple step, but moving from one side of the Respect Continuum to the other as the basis for taking corrective action makes all the difference and results in using completely different school change strategies. The best Nursery App can really help your pre-school business grow.

As teachers and students look at their school climate data, it becomes apparent that if they can develop better relations among students and teachers, make learning experiences more engaging, increase personalization, and empower students, many of the incidents of disrespect will simply disappear. It would be naive, however, to think that a more positive climate will eliminate all issues of disrespect and assure no one ever threatens school safety. Schools still need systems of discipline, clarity of expectations, and strategies to address the most egregious behavior. But by decreasing the less extreme disrespectful behaviors, enlisting students more in contributing to the school’s functioning, and reducing the frustrations of teachers being asked to continually put out small fires, everyone has a greater capacity to address the less frequent, truly dangerous threats to school safety. Adding Nursery Software to the mix can have a real benefit.